Franchise Owned Franchise Operated

1. Area/Size : 500 to 5000 SQFT
2. Franchise Fee (500 sqft to 1000 sqft) : 2 Lacs + GST
3. Franchise Fee (1000 sqft to 500 sqft) : 3 Lacs + GST
4. Software Fee : 50,000/- Per login
5. Products Cost (Mini. Order) : 1200 – 1500/- Per SQFT
6. Interior according to company layout : 1000/- Per SQFT
7. Agreement Lock-in Period : 5 Years


Grocery, Stationery, Personal Care, Ready to Eat, Beverages Household Items, Bakery & Dairy Products etc.

Role of the Company

Store area Selection, Design & Layout of store, Branding, Purchase Support, Advertisement & Marketing Support (Online/Offline), Software Support (GRN), Store Manager’s Salary*, Training & Hiring of Staff, Dress of all employees.

Role of the Franchise

Interior as per Franchisor, Rent & Electricity, Software charges, Hardware to be purchased from franchisor, Employee guide to be followed, Strict Sanitization practices to be followed

Royalty Charge

Calculation of Income - FOFO

Let’s take an example of 1500 SQFT Area of Super Market Franchise:-

Referral Program

Refer your friends, Colleagues and family who meet the criteria.

Reward: 25k

Calculation of Income From Super Market Franchise FOFO Model

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