Terms and Conditions for e-commerce typically include clauses that give a business the right to terminate an account with a customer if certain conditions aren’t met or if violations occur, and that limit the way a customer can interact with the business.
We typically allow customers to create accounts on your website for quicker online shopping, order management and tracking, and things like loyalty and rewards points for shopping regularly.

Product Improvement

The company may make modifications to the products as it considers appropriate provided such modifications do not materially affect the functionality of the products.

Delivery Dates

Time of delivery shall not be of the essence. Whilst every effort will be made to adhere to the delivery dates shown in the order acknowledgement such dates are estimates only and the company shall not be liable for any losses, costs, damages or expenses

Effecting Delivery

The company will notify the customer when the products are ready for delivery (“Delivery Notice”).

If within 7 days of the delivery notice the customer fails to make suitable arrangements for delivery and installation of the products by the company, delivery of the products will be deemed to have taken place 7 days after service of the Delivery Notice. As a result risk in the products shall pass to the customer, and the company shall be entitled to demand payment of the contract price.

The customer shall indemnify the company against any storage and handling charges and any other costs and expenses incurred by the company in respect of any of the products between the date of deemed delivery and the actual date of delivery

The customer shall ensure that any necessary preparatory work (as advised by the company) is completed in accordance with the company’s stated requirements prior to the agreed delivery date, and shall ensure that the company’s employees and agents are given reasonable access to the site and to any facilities to install the products.

Risk And Title

Risk in the products shall pass to the customer on completion of installation and testing but until the company has received payment of the full price for the products, together with therein.

  full legal and equitable title in and to each product shall remain with the company;

  the company shall be entitled to require the customer to return each product to the company and may enter any premises of the customer for the purpose of removing each product.

Maintenance And Support

Where the company has agreed in its quotation to provide maintenance and support for the products, the company agrees:

1.to monitor the functionality of the products remotely;

2.to visit the premises where the products are installed at least once each year to inspect the products.

3.to advise the customer of any defects or potential defects found in the course of such monitoring or visits;

4.to attend at the premises as soon as possible after notification from the customer of any alleged defect or malfunction of the products (provided that the customer shall pay the company’s normal charges for maintenance and repair work if the malfunction or defect has been caused by any of the matters referred to in clause.

Intellectual Property

The company are and shall remain the sole owners of the copyright, design rights and any other rights in the products and any software, data or information supplied by the company. Subject to this contract, the company hereby grants to the customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free licence for the use of the software 

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